Mr Sneaky Pranking App

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Mr Sneaky Pranking App


Ever wanted to prank your friends and family – well meet Mr Sneaky! The funniest pranking tool made for mobile!

Mr Sneaky is a fun filled jukebox with combo’s! Yes, COMBO’S!

It’s simple, choose some sounds, set timers between each sound, hide your phone and disappear – like that Houdini guy. Position yourself right next to your victim or any where to enjoy the laugh as they wonder what is going on.

Mr Sneaky was made for all the prankers at heart that do or don’t have a lot of patience – there are timers ranging from 1 second to 30 minutes. Giving you the ultimate ability to catch your friends or family totally off guard.

Enjoy solid laughs with a variety of sounds to choose from – including sounds from these categories:

– Alarms / Sirens
– Animals
– Birds
– Creepy
– Emergency
– Farts
– Household
– Weapons
– Whistles
– Misc

More about the COMBO!

The Mr Sneaky Jukebox Combo – it’s simple, 1 credit = 1 play, 2 credits = X2 Combo! All the way up to X5 Combo!

Mix and match up to X5 sound effects with timers in between – allowing you to give your victim the slow burn or the opposite – a wham bam instant rush, totally up to you.

Visit the Mr Sneaky Store to top up your credits or grab yourself a new wallpaper. Customize your home screen for a more personal touch.

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