Fart Master Fartalot

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Fart Master Fartalot


Fart Master Fartalot is about having a good laugh, this is not just a farting app but a complete game where you get to take control and select between 5 awesome characters, Jim, Bob, Kim, Don, and Tom – Each character has 20 unique fart sounds that you get to use when you playing the level. 100 Fart Sounds!

Great fun, you get to rack up a score and it saves your high score leaving you on edge to beat the high score the next time you play. Awesome visuals and explosions. There is even a mystery box in the level – we will keep this a secret – just letting you know though – the mystery box changes the worlds color to the chosen characters color. We are curious to see if any of you find the mystery box. Let us know in the comments below.

Play the fun level on planet Fartalot and have a laugh as you do laps around the world farting and blowing things away. Great fun for all ages.

There are also 2 other options in the menu – Pick a Fart which gives you 100 fart sounds to choose from and mix it up with – the other option is Sneak a Fart, this allows you to select a timer then you can hide your phone and give some one a fright when the fart goes off.

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