Chess Battlegrounds

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Chess with a twist, it’s last man standing with helicopter special weapon drops!


Weapon drops – Helicopters fly over and drop crates filled with special weapons such as boxing gloves, frying pans, ninja swords, baseball bats and knives.

Classic chess movements with a twist – no checkmate, it’s last man standing, capture your opponents king to take victory.

Player movement is easy for all ages, selected chess pieces highlight blocks in green to show where it is able to move.

Fast paced action – Timer to keep the game moving, each player has 30 seconds to make their move, if they do not make a move in time they will receive a strike, and just like baseball, 3 strikes and your out.

Awesome animations, emotes, sound effects and music.


You can customize your chess board and all the chess pieces. Stroll on down to the change-room to style player 1 and player 2’s chess pieces, customize your board and tiles.

Game Modes

2 Player available – Pass and play with your friends. Multiplayer is currently in development and will be coming soon.

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