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South Side Game Studios is a game development company that develops games on various platforms such as PC, Mobile – Android Applications and iOS Applications. Below are some of the applications, games that we have developed, we have some really cool projects in the pipe line. The games below we developed with the Unity game engine, a leading game engine in the industry. Feel free to follow the download links – the games are FREE to download.

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Fly Thru

Fly Thru is a fun infinite flight arcade game, take control of over 10 different space ships and race your way through the streets of Metropolis. The longer you are alive, the greater your score will be, fun part is the longer your are alive – the faster you will go. See how long you can last behind the wheel as you fly through Metropolis.

As a pilot you have a record of how many flights you have had. Badges are coming soon to award pilots for various achievements.

Take control of the skies, improve your concentration, agility and speed of your reactions.

Have fun and don’t forget to share with your friends. Look out for our other awesome games and leave us any feedback – we appreciate it.

Fart Master: Fartalot

Fart Master: Fartalot is about having a good laugh, this is not just a farting app but a complete game where you get to take control and select between 5 awesome characters, Jim, Bob, Kim, Don, and Tom – Each character has 20 unique fart sounds that you get to use when you playing the level. 100 Fart Sounds!

Great fun, you get to rack up a score and it saves your high score leaving you on edge to beat the high score the next time you play. The graphics and visuals are awesome and very colorful especially all the effects and explosions. There is even a mystery box in the level – we will keep this a secret – just letting you know though – the mystery box changes the worlds color to the chosen characters color. We are curious to see if any of you find the mystery box. Let us know in the comments below.

Play the fun level on planet Fartalot and have a laugh as you do laps around the world farting and blowing things away. Great fun for all ages.

There are also 2 other options in the menu – Pick a Fart which gives you 100 fart sounds to choose from and mix it up with – the other option is Sneak a Fart, this allows you to select a timer then you can hide your phone and give some one a fright when the fart goes off. We will be releasing an update soon with some new features and more fun game play.

Get it on Google Play

Zig Zaggers Super Hero Edition

Zig Zaggers Super Hero Edition is a great game for all ages, from young to old. The controls are simple, you simply click or tap on the screen to steer your character through a zig zag world, you will build up your score for as long as you are alive, saving your score for the next time to try and beat it.

Zig Zaggers helps improve your concentration levels and through concentrating you are able to achieve great scores. The game is simple, don’t bump in to the walls or it will be game over. Collect coins as you progress through the world and use your coins to unlock characters.

There are over 50 characters to unlock and choose from including all time favorites and every one’s favorite super heroes. From unknown characters and animals to famous celebrities, presidents, super heroes and villains. Get your coins and start unlocking the characters.

Users may choose to watch a rewarded video in order to gain more coins or simply play through the world and collect as many coins as possible.

The aim of this game is to teach you how to concentrate – using your eyes, mind and hands which in turn increases your motor skills, hand and eye coordination. Simple, challenging and fun.

The ultimate and most fun zig zag game of all time. Download and try it now!


MemoriBlox is a fun game directed at all ages from young to old. As the levels increase, so does the difficulty but through using your memory in remembering where the booms are, you will get through to the next level. Great explosive 3D fun for all!

*Level 1 has 2 exploding cubes to avoid, there is an extra boom in each new level as you progress through the levels, increasing the difficulty while increasing your memory.

25 Blocks, your Memory, let’s go. Download and play now.

BlackJack Twenty-One

The aim of this game is to teach you the fundamentals of BlackJack which is the American variant of a globally popular banking game known as Twenty-One.

When you start the game, you will have 100 score, see how much you can make in one sitting, the game will save your high score.

If you lose all your score, you will have to start the game again. The next time you play, you will be able to try and beat your highest score from the previous sitting.

The game is played between the dealer and the player, the dealer will deal two cards to the player and two cards to the dealer – one card being visible to the player and the second card will be face down.

The player will then have the options:
Hit – which will give the player another card.
Stay – means you are satisfied with your current cards and it will then be the dealers turn.

The aim is to beat the dealers card values. The dealer must draw to a minimum of 17. If the dealer or the player go over 21, they will bust. If the dealer and the player draws the same value, the house will win.

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