Beyond Investment plugin for WordPress available now

Beyond Investment plugin WordPress

Introducing Beyond Investment Plugin for WordPress – Elevate Your Financial Platform!

Transform your WordPress site into a dynamic investment hub with Beyond Investment – a powerful plugin that seamlessly integrates investment functionalities. Tailored for both administrators and users, Beyond Investment offers an extensive suite of tools to manage investments, referrals, transactions, and more.

Administrator Features:

  1. Flexible Investment Packages: Configure up to three investment packages with customizable parameters like minimum and maximum amounts, percentage increase, and days of return.
  2. Referral Bonus System: Incentivize user referrals with a configurable bonus percentage. Admins can effortlessly track and manage referral bonuses.
  3. Theme Customization: Personalize the platform by setting primary and secondary colors to align with your brand’s identity.
  4. Email Customization: Craft a unique user experience with customizable email templates. Tailor email notifications to match your platform’s tone and style.
  5. Email Notifications: Stay informed with configurable email notification settings. Admins receive updates throughout the process, ensuring seamless communication.
  6. Banking Details and Currency Settings: Admins can input banking details, set currency symbols, and facilitate smooth financial transactions.
  7. User Management: Access a comprehensive ‘Users’ page to view and manage user information effortlessly.
  8. Order Management: Streamline order processing with an intuitive ‘Orders’ section. Confirm receipt of funds and view proof of payment for each transaction.
  9. Withdrawal Management: Admins can oversee all withdrawal requests, manage them efficiently, and confirm payments with a simple click.
  10. Referral Tracking: Monitor user referrals through the ‘Referrals’ page, gaining insights into your user acquisition strategies.
  11. Shortcodes Page: Explore and utilize various shortcodes easily with a dedicated Shortcodes page.

User-Friendly Frontend Experience:

  1. User Dashboard: Empower users with a sleek dashboard featuring six essential links – Invest, Orders, Transactions, Bonus, Referrals, and Profile.
  2. Investment Journey: Users can effortlessly invest in chosen packages, witness their money grow daily, and withdraw funds upon reaching maturity.
  3. Order Management: Users can view and manage their orders, upload proof of payment, and track the progress of their investments.
  4. Referral System: Users have a unique referral code, inviting others to join. They can withdraw referral bonuses even during an active investment period.
  5. Profile Editing: Users can easily edit their account and banking information directly from the ‘Profile’ section.

Beyond Investment for WordPress is your ultimate solution for creating a secure, user-friendly, and feature-packed investment platform. Customize email templates, stay informed with notifications, and embark on a journey of growth and prosperity with Beyond Investment!

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