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App Development services available to Durban and to the rest of South Africa.

Beyond Web Design offers Native Application Development and Web-Based Application Development.

Native Applications take a far longer time to develop and can be more costly than a Web-Based Application.

So you ask yourself, what is the difference between a native and web-based application?

App Development

Native Application

A native application is custom coded from the ground up – meaning every change you want to make moving forward will need to be custom coded and updated on your application.

Web-Based Application

A web-based application can be developed in a shorter period of time, dependent on what you have in mind and it is more convenient if you want to make changes or edits to your application as when you make the changes or edits it reflects on your app immediately.

So which is more suited for the application you want developed?

That will entirely depend on what you have in mind, the best advise I can give you is to contact us. Let us know what you have in mind and we will advise you on what we can offer you.

How much does an App Cost?

Beyond Web Design offers android application development from R9000. Android APK that can be uploaded on Google Play Store and on multiple other App Stores. Contact us for a quote.

Beyond Web Design offers iOS application development from R11500. iOS applications can be uploaded on Apple’s App Store. Contact us for a quote.


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